the ETF investment specialists
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Secure Wealth Management is a specialist provider of low-cost, globally diversified, actively managed portfolios consisting entirely of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). We aim to be a premier provided in this space globally.

the ETF investment specialists

Secure Wealth Management (SWM) provides forward-looking ETF portfolio solutions to Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), Independent Asset Managers (IAMs), financial planners and family offices. We are able to operate within a traditional commission-based environment or we can provide “clean” pricing starting from just 50bp annual portfolio management fee. Coming from a wealth advisory background, we are here to partner with you and to allow you to outsource some of the investment management function. This will free up your time to grow your business and gather assets, without having to worry about the investment markets.

SWM offers 5 multi-asset portfolios consisting entirely of highly-liquid ETFs. The five ETF portfolios are graded across the client risk spectrum.  The ETF portfolios provide a cost-effective and completely transparent solution for a client’s core portfolio requirements. All of SWM’s portfolios offer complete flexibility to clients, who can encash their portfolios in 24 hours without penalty.

The world of financial advice is changing. Advisers will be paid separately by clients, and will seek to minimise product costs. SWM offers an ideal solution for tomorrow’s financial adviser.

SWM’s portfolios are available as Swiss-issued Managed Certificates (with Swiss ISIN), alternatively individually-managed client accounts are available, using the client’s chosen custodian bank.

We have been running our ETF portfolios for over five years, delivering strong returns both in absolute and risk-adjusted terms. Our asset selection is based on a blend of fundamental analysis and proprietary technical indicators. Quantitative risk management is the cornerstone of SWM’s investment process, including inputs supplied by Financial Network Analytics, SWM’s strategic partner for risk management.

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our portfolios

We make our five ETF portfolios available to investors in two forms:

  • within a segregated account (minimum investment USD 100,000 or equivalent). The client (be it a person, corporation or trust) has full control and ownership of their account at all times. Segregated accounts offer the ability to withdraw up to 90% of the account value as a cash loan, at interest rates well below those offered by most banks. There is also the possibility to employ up to 6-to-1 leverage within the account at the same highly attractive interest rates.
  • within a fund structure (minimum investment USD 10,000 or equivalent). These can be purchased via any bank, financial adviser or brokerage. Our funds can be held within most insurance company bond wrappers. They provide daily redemption and pricing and can be issued in all the major currencies.